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Here you can get yourself a hosting account on my server.

What you will get:


Aug 13th - Update on server instabilities:
Some of you have already noticed, my server has reached it's limits. But I have good news, the server will be upgraded. The main bottleneck is disk IO, which is to be expected on a server running with HDDs. The new Server has SSDs. Yesterday the MySQL server has moved to the new server and I had to shut down the server for about half an hour to ensure data correctness. To fasten the process, I have pre-synced throughout most of the day with an average speed of less than 1MB/s. Once the server was down, I had the full 100MB/s+ that my hard drives are capable of.
What to expect the next days/weeks?
There will be more downtimes during service moves.
Some very large (50GB+) file storages will be deleted. This is a web hosting, not a cloud.
Services will be moved in blocks by first character in their onion address.

Why this complicated moving? What's the benefit?
The new server has SSDs and will be much faster
Disk space will be about 1/3rd at same price, however no more waiting for data
No more extra charges for bandwidth usage - the last few months I had to pay extra
Closer to the clearnet gateway - They will now be located in the same data centre for reduced latency

Move MySQL server (done)
Pre-sync all user files for faster final sync later (done, skipped one large host)
Freeze account creation/deletion (done)
Disable FTP/SSH (done)
Copy system account data (done)
Re-enable account creation/deletion on new system (done)
Move mail system (done)
Move tor instances (done)
Sync in blocks: final sync, re-enable tor on new system (2-7, a-z, done)
Re-enable FTP/SSH on new system (done)
Increase disk size (pending, due to bug in upstream hoster system unable to add more volumes, server shut down for support to investigate, rebooted after 5 hours of no reply from support…)